Since 2000 Tuscania Events has been arranging unforgettable destination weddings in Italy. Tuscania Events is the leading company specializing in the organization of a civil and religious wedding for non-Italian citizens in the most fantastic venues of Italy. Our role as destination wedding consultants has allowed us to organize spectacular weddings for famous couples as well as simple marriages for couples who have come to Italy alone for a romantic elopement.  In fact, our consultancy services are custom fit to serve the true needs of our clients for their wedding in Italy.

We take care of every aspect involved in your italian wedding and your honeymoon. We plan every detail with the efficiency of modern times and the fascination of Italian tradition in order to make your wedding day in Italy a dream.
We do not offer wedding packages but “one of a kind” tailored-made wedding experiences.  No two events are ever alike.  Our weddings are designed specifically to satisfy all tastes and budget ranges. Our goal is to create tailor made events that leave an unforgettable mark on people’s minds and hearts.

Tuscania Events


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  1. We are in the beginning stages and working on a TV/ digital/ video segment around Tuscany being a top wedding and events destination and seeking content. I am working with Tuscan cake designer, Melanie Secciani, http://tuscanweddingcakes.com. Do you use her for your weddings? Also, would you be interested in us shooting and interviewing/ being a location site, and included in our production? Please advise.

    • Ciao Trina,

      I know cake designer Melanie very well and use her often for weddings. I would be interested in being involved in production in some way. Feel free to email me directly at sonja.tuscaniaevents@gmail.com or we could set up a Skype call (sonja Kjekstad) to discuss the possibilities.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Wonderful! We are working to pull this together and seeking underwriters/sponsors. I will keep you updated. Thank you so much

  3. If you know of related products or services that seek this type of marketing send them my email. Best to you, Sonja

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