How much does a wedding in Italy cost?


One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a wedding planner is “how much does a wedding in Italy cost?”. This is certainly one of the most important things to think about when determining if a wedding in Italy is right for you. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Although I tried my best to be as accurate as possible, these price estimates should be used only as a baseline reference as there are many variables to consider.



It is very difficult to give an exact idea of what you may spend for accommodation as it all depends on type of accommodation  you choose. Generally the most budget friendly accommodations are self catering villas and the most expensive solutions being a full service luxury hotel. Prices for self catering villas can range from 50 euros per person per night and up and luxury hotels from 150 euros per person per night and up.  However prices for accommodation can greatly fluctuate depending on length of stay, amount of amenities available and location.

ImageCatering Costs

If there is no on site restaurant on location which is the case for the majority of locations expect to pay from 90 – 130 euros per person. Then there is the 10% VAT tax to add. Within this per person price would include the following: an abundant cocktail hour, dinner (2 first courses and 1 second), wine and water, dessert, all tables, chairs, cutlery, glassware, linens, and wait staff (there may be some small increases per person if you have specific chair or plateware requests). Generally open bar is quoted separately. Food costs are lower if the location has an on site restaurant (prices from 75 euros and up). And I forgot to mention the most important part…Italian food is abundant and absolutely amazing!! You definitely get more for your money in Italy.

Location Rental Fees
Location rental fees are additional fees charged for the use of indoor or outdoor areas for a reception party. Depending on the location you select you may pay zero (sometimes a rental fee is waived if you rent the location exclusively for a given amount of time using all their accommodations) to 5500 euros plus 22% VAT. The wedding rental fee obviously fluctuates depending on level of location (luxury location vs more rustic) and the day of the wedding (weekday celebrations will have a lower rental cost than a saturday for example). Also, additional rental fees may apply if there is an on-site chapel, special courtyard etc. These costs vary widely depending on location.
Civil weddings
Whether your civil ceremony is allowed on site or you select one of the many beautiful town halls you can expect to spend anywhere from 300 euros to 5000 euros. Above is a civil ceremony held in one of the Monumental villas in Lucca and below at the town hall of Volterra.
Church weddings
There is not a fee per se for a catholic wedding but you certainly can not forget to make a donation. I would say a suggested donation should be approximately 100 euros for the priest and  300 euro donation for the church.
Symbolic weddings
Symbolic weddings can be held in an area of your choice. The costs here could be a rental fee from the location or payment of the celebrant which can be from 250 to 1500 euros depending on several factors. Ministers will charge more than an ‘actor’ celebrant.
villa oliva 02-10-2010 (1) copy
Document Fees
There are some document fees involved to perform a legal wedding which are from 150 euros (but vary according to nationality).
Music costs will depend entirely on what you like….live music vs DJ (DJ being the least expensive). You can expect to spend a minimum of 1000 euros for music to cover the entire day. There is also the obligatory Italian music tax or SIAI that needs to be paid which ranges in price depending on your location, type of music and number of guests but I would safely say a minimum of 250 euros.
Italy is cheaper than the US and possibly other countries and we have some extraordinary photographers on our preferred vendor list. From 1800 euros plus 22% VAT and up depending on hours of service and number of photographers.
Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 16.48.45
 I love flowers and the amount you spend is based entirely on how important flowers are to your event. But I would say a minimum 1000 euros. You can obviously spend less if your group size is small or if it is a simple elopement. In general the costs of flowers I believe is pretty competitive with other countries. Same flower bouquets and using simple arrangements or planted flowers vs cut are a great way to cut back on overall floral costs.
6 copy
I can not give an accurate estimation on printing costs but in my experience printing costs tend to be cheaper in other countries so when possible you may want to think of printing as many things from home. Menu printing is often done by the caterer chosen and is sometimes included or priced separately.
The cost for wedding guest gifts or favours all depends on what you select: a small bottle or oil, wine, watercolor painting,  something ceramic, etc. One of the great advantages here is that there are many Italian artisans to choose from. Pricing from 5 euros and up depending on gift choice.
Hair & Make-up
In Italy it is less expensive to get your hair & make-up done in a salon vs an on site service. Salon rates are from 250 euros and up (Bridal hair & make up trial and on wedding day). On location from 400 euros (Bridal hair & make-up trial and on wedding day ).
Additional Vendor Costs
Transportation is too difficult to quote without my specific information as it all depends on guest number, type of vehicle etc. For a specific quote you can email us at
Additional Rentals
Depending on the location you choose and environment you want to create there could be additional furniture rentals. For example, a very cool after dinner bar and dance area with couches etc. This is not a certain cost but only a potential cost depending on the venue and your preferences.
Wedding Planner
A wedding planner is never more important than when planning a destination wedding. Our knowledge of the local language, our assistance with necessary documents to perform a legal Italian wedding and our knowledge of high quality vendors of all budget levels are truly indispensable to ensure your experience is stress free. Since planner fees vary according to size of wedding, type of ceremony etc. it is best to email us directly for a free quote.
Again, this list should be used as an overall reference as there will be many variables that will affect the overall cost. In order to get a better idea of your potential wedding costs, feel free to e-mail us at with your projected wedding date, number of guests and overall inspiration.
I would like to thank Jules for his wonderful photography and Tuscania Events couple Gaia & Marco for choosing us!

Tuscan Hamlets: A perfect choice for celebrating an intimate and authentic Italian wedding

Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-76One of the best ways to have an authentic italian wedding is to celebrate in a tuscan hamlet. A hamlet or “borgo” is defined as a small hilltop village that in the past was typically comprised of old stone barns and farming sheds interconnected by winding footpaths sharing a common courtyard.  Generally these hamlets offer incredible views of the tuscan countryside creating a spectacular backdrop for wedding celebrations. Since Italian preservation law forbids major external restoration of these old hamlets they maintain the charm and allure that “old” Tuscany has to offer. Luckily, major internal renovations are allowed and some of these hamlets are restored into amazing luxury retreats offering everything under the sun from horse back riding to spa treatments. Tuscan Hamlets are an excellent choice for couples looking for an authentic Italian experience while providing maximum privacy for guests who will be located in the village but will have their own tuscan apartment within the hamlet.


There are tuscan hamlets available for all budget ranges and group sizes.  Since finding an amazing luxury hamlet is quite easy I thought I would provide a great example of a Hamlet with a terrific quality to price ratio. Castle Florence 2 has all the characteristics of a tuscan hamlet yet includes a central castle, several small stone villas and an adorable on site chapel. This particular location can comfortably hold 31 guests in 13 apartments located within the villas. Indoor and outdoor areas can easily hold 100 guests making it an excellent choice for someone looking to enjoy a real tuscan experience in your own private hamlet. Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-103This is the entrance to the on site castle and the front garden is generally where a wonderful cocktail hour can be organised with sweeping views of the tuscan countryside. Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-91 The entrance  to the on site chapel is rustic, simple and authentic. In this case, less is more. Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-93 The wood beamed ceilings, the terra cotta and the minimal decor creates a truly magical space. From a few wildflower arrangements to large formal floral decorations , the options are endless. Think of it as an empty canvas…. Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-95 Castle courtyards provide the intimacy and the warmth of a tuscan celebration. Here you can let your inspirations and imagination go wild to create an unforgettable reception dinner. Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-85 Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-87 Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-88 Apartments in hamlets offer your guests their own kitchen and a lot of space. Generally there are BBQ set ups available, a pool and outdoor lounge furniture to maximize relaxation. The best thing about hamlets is it provides maximum privacy for your guests yet it allows your guests to stay close to family and friends. Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-116Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-121Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-120Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-115 And there is certainly one thing I cannot forget……the details. Whoever said ‘it’s all in the details’ could not be more right.  The charm of a small window, the allure of hanging vin santo barrels, the colour of wild flowers growing in unexpected places… this is what exemplifies the true beauty of tuscany! Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-108Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-89 Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-110 For more information regarding this hamlet check out Tuscania Events or if you would like us to suggest a hamlet location appropriate to your guest number and budget, email us at I would like to thank photographer and Tuscania Event client, Mick Habgood for choosing Castle Florence 2 and for capturing the beauty of the location with his fantastic photography! Habgood-Images-Tuscany,-Italy-101

Marriage of American citizens in Tuscany


The following information is provided as a general guideline for American Citizens wishing to get married in Italy.

Before arriving in Italy:

  1. Make sure you travel with your valid U.S. passport.
  2. If you were married before, bring evidence of the termination of your previous marriage. Please note that a divorced woman who wants to marry again within 300 days of the date of her divorce must contact the local Italian authorities and seek special permission from an Italian magistrate. Otherwise, she must allow the required period of 300 days to elapse. If you are widowed, you must bring the death certificate of your previous spouse. Certificates can be obtained from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  3. Please, bring your Birth certificates – long form (with the names of both parents).
  4. Before leaving USA, we recommend that you obtain an Atto Notorio from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the state in which you reside.

The Atto Notorio is an oath of the American citizen sworn to in the presence of two witnesses and notarized by an Italian Consul in the U.S, stating that there are no legal impediments to the marriage according to the laws to which the person concerned is subject to in the United States. Please, call the Italian Consulate to request when you need to start this process. Every Consulate has different timing.

Please note: All certificates including divorce certificates or death certificates certifying termination of your previous marriage must be originals. Photocopies are not accepted. Any documents issued outside of Italy must be translated into Italian and authenticated by the nearest Italian Consulate having jurisdiction over the place of issuance in the U.S. before they can have any legal validity before Italian authorities.

Once in Italy (we will assist you):

  1. In addition to the Atto Notorio, an American citizen intending to get married in Italy will need to make a Sworn Declaration (Nulla Osta). This Sworn Declaration must be signed, whether you are single, divorced or widowed, in the presence of an American Consular officer in Italy. A Nulla Osta literally states that “there are no impediments,” or that one is free to marry. The Nulla Osta is valid for six months and costs $50.00 per citizen. This service is now performed at the American embassy in Florence on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings by appointment only.
  2. The Nulla Osta must then be legalised by the Uffico Legalizzazioni of the Prefettura. I’ll take your “Nulla Osta” to the Prefettura for the legalization of the documents. You do not need to come with me for this second part of the paperwork.
  3. If you are unable to obtain an “Atto di notorietà per uso matrimonio” (Atto Notorio) from an Italian Consulate in USA, you may obtain one from the Tribunale Civile in Italy. I will take you there. Two witnesses over 18 years of age and an interpreter need to be present. I’ll be your witness and your interpreter. Another member of Tuscania Events staff can be the other witness, if you need to.
  4. Once we have all this documents, you must appear at list two days before the ceremony with one witness before the Civil Registrar in the city hall you selected and make a declaration of your intention to marry. I will take you there, I will be your witness and your interpreter. We need to bring: Passports, birth certificates, “Atto Notorio” and the “Nulla osta” legalized.

Additional information: 

A marriage is considered valid in Italy if performed under civil or religious auspices. A civil ceremony is performed at the City Hall and a translator must interpret if one of the parties does not understand the Italian language. I can be your interpreter. Also two witnesses must be present at your civil ceremony. Please, let me know the names of your witnesses and send me a photocopy of their passports in the next few months.

If you would like your marriage to be recognized in the U.S., I will take the certificate of marriage to the Prefettura, Ufficio Legalizzazioni (the same office that authenticates the Consul’s signature) of Florence to request the placement of an Apostille on the certificate.

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What to expect at an Italian wedding reception dinner


There are  many  brides-to-be who have decided to have a destination wedding in beautiful Italy but have no idea of how a typical italian wedding reception dinner is organised. The most important thing I can say is… will not be disappointed. Although there are many different caterers to choose from according to budget level and expectations, italian food is well, just amazing! When the venue of your choice does not have restaurant, you will be required to hire an external caterer who should be familiar with the location and generally will set up a mobile kitchen on site. The wedding dinner will consist of four very distinct phases: cocktail hour, dinner, cutting of the cake and after dinner. Cocktail hour starts immediately after the completion of the wedding ceremony and generally consists of a drink table and a few food corners (cheese, amazing tuscan deli meats etc) and waiters passing finger foods on trays. The most typical cocktail drinks offered are prosecco (sparkling white wine), fruit cocktails, water and fruit juice. Depending on your budget you can have a small offering of finger foods to many different food corners. Sometimes there is so much great food during cocktail hour that there is no room for dinner! Cocktail hour lasts generally for 1 1/2 hour and the area with which cocktail is served is usually in an area different from the dinner area.


Let’s move on to dinner. Unlike wedding celebrations in the US or UK for example, your guests do not make a menu selection during dinner. The dinner begins with 2 first courses (a pasta and risotto for example) and 1 second course (meat or fish) all of which was chosen in advance by the couple. Obviously guests with special dietary needs will be given appropriate alternatives. Both red and white wines and water is served throughout the dinner service. Since there is typically 20-30 minutes between each course, a dinner service can easily last 1.5-2 hours.


Cake cutting (if you choose to have a prominent cake cutting) is usually celebrated in another distinct area. Depending on the caterer and budget the cake cutting can be followed by a rich dessert buffet with coffee and various Italian liquors or simply cake and coffee served at the table. The first 3 phases are typically included in the quoted per person price. The After dinner party is quoted separately as there are many different options and you have the possibility to include the open bar or have a cash bar if necessary. The after dinner area is designated in another chosen area and often indoors (going indoors often allow a longer party with loud music). The after dinner often has a different look than the wedding dinner – at extra cost you can have illuminated bars, a sofa lounge area etc to create a more party like atmosphere. Again, this all depends on your particular preferences and budget level.

villa oliva 02-10-2010

This is the basic flow of an Italian wedding dinner. One very important thing to note, unlike catering companies in other countries the per person price quoted will include also all basic linens, tables, chairs, table settings etc to choose from. Considering the quality of the food and all the extras included often a destination wedding dinner can be more affordable than you think.

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